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Make Smart Energy Decisions

Let's make sure Canada keeps its climate promise and fixes the National Energy Board


Teika Newton quickly realized just how hard it is to make community voices heard in the National Energy Board’s review of major energy projects. 

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Transition Initiative Kenora (TIK) formed in 2011 as a grassroots community group building alternative and off-grid housing in Northwestern Ontario. But when TransCanada Corp. proposed the Energy East pipeline project in 2013, TIK set out to protect local waterways that could be harmed by the pipeline.

TIK’s executive director, Teika Newton, quickly realized just how hard it is to make community voices heard in the National Energy Board’s (NEB) review of major energy projects. 

“It’s an enormous, daunting undertaking and the cards are stacked against the little guys", she said. 

TIK’s application to participate in the regulatory review process as an official “intervenor” was accepted, which meant TIK could submit evidence and arguments.

"The Cards are Stacked Against the Little Guys"

Tell your MP they’ll get it right when the National Energy Board:


Is no longer an environmental assessment authority or pipeline decider

Has plans to decarbonize Canada's energy resources

Respects the rights and authority of Indigenous peoples

In June 2016, the government announced a sweeping review of federal environmental laws including Canada's environmental assessment (EA) law, the Fisheries Act, Navigation Protection Act and the National Energy Board.

This is a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity for you to help improve the laws that protect our land, air and water and ensure they help Canada address climate change and meet its Paris Agreement commitments.

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Environmental Law Reform. Let’s Get it Right!

TIK used its intervenor status to press for transparency, accountability and integrity in the review process.

When it was discovered that the NEB review panel had met privately with paid Energy East lobbyist, ex-Premier Jean Charest, TIK filed a successful motion with the NEB that resulted in the recusal of the NEB review panel and hit the reset button on the Energy East review process.

Right now, the future of the NEB is up for review and Newton is hopeful the broken system can be fixed.

“Right now we’ve got a unique opportunity to make decision-makers and the review process accountable to Indigenous communities and the public.”

Works for the people, not industry

Is transparent and accountable

Provides energy information consistent with the Paris agreement

Canadians agree. The process for approving new oil and gas projects has to change.

There's little trust in the current process led by the National Energy Board, which all but guarantees approval for big energy projects. 

That's why, right now, the Canadian government is working to fulfill its promise to fix the NEB and the way energy projects like tar sands pipelines are approved.

We've got a once-in-a-generation chance to make sure the federal government puts laws in place for principled, science-based energy decisions. Let's get it right!